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FUTNET: Everything About Football Tennis

Futnet Equipment

Even if football tennis is not an official football game, it is sometimes included in the training of football teams. Futnet game, which is similar to the tennis game or with more players, is continued. In this game, which is similar to the game of football, the rules are very practical. This game, which is the version of tennis played with feet, has many leagues due to its long-running nature. Stronger rivals await people in each new league. In this game played using feet, head and chest, it is necessary to win the matches by making successful inventions. By creating successful matches with the character, experience is gained in these leagues and to be able to play in more challenging leagues day by day. The equipment for this game is completed and the game is continued without any problems.

Futnet (Football Tennis)

Football tennis is played in singles, doubles and trios categories for men and women. In addition, the field size is 8.2×12.8 in singles match in foot tennis. While the ball used in the game is a soccer ball, the weight of the ball is 396 grams and the height of the net is 1 meter. When the game starts with the serve, the player or team receiving the service must be allowed to bounce once on the ground, directly hit or pass to the opponent’s court. He gives a point to the team and the opponent who drops the ball out-of-bounds or does not pass the ball to the opposite side in the first hit. All categories are played until the set won.

Information About Futnet

Football tennis, which starts with the service of the player in the service room, is played in 3 sets. While futnet, which has serious local followers, is among the games with plenty of action, at the same time, the foot, head, knee and shoulder can be used as desired. Not allowing the ball to bounce on the ground is among the main goals of harmony. Like the basic rule in volleyball, the ball can be hit up to 3 times in foot tennis. In football tennis game, the ball must reach the opponent court. Sets are 15 numbers and above. Even if there are 3 players on the field, each team has 12 players. A different trio is released in each set. If the score is a draw, the set can be extended to break the tie.