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FOOTBALL TENNİS: Futnet Match Equipment

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Futnet, which is found in the categories of singles, doubles and threes, starts the service in the divided field and is a game type based on the principle of sending the ball to the opposite field by kicking the ball without touching the ground, except for the service. In an area divided into two by the net in the middle, the field ball is the field ball, based on the principle that the single or double players hit the ball against each other with the racket in a way that it cannot be met according to certain rules. Football tennis has gained great popularity and spread, especially as the sport of football players in order to increase ball control and improve their techniques. The first steps of the game were taken in Romania and attracted a lot of attention. Especially in this country, soldiers played foot tennis and organized many tournaments.

Futnet Equipment

It is possible to use every part of the body except the hand or elbow in the halls and courts of certain sizes without using a racket or tennis ball. At the same time, while football tennis is football focused tennis, it includes some elements of volleyball. Football Tennis is played for men and women in singles, doubles and threes. The player or the team receiving the service must send the ball, which it allowed to bounce once on the ground, to the opponent’s court by direct kick or pass. The team that puts the ball on the net, drops it outside the field lines, or does not pass three hits to the opposite side, gives the opponent a point.

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The team that puts the ball in the net during the game, drops it outside the field lines or does not get the ball to the opposite side in three strokes loses the game. All categories are played until the set won. In the game, the game must be continued until 11 points are obtained by a team with a difference of 2. A set is played by a team with at least 2 differences, while the game is continued until 2 differences are reached. Each team is entitled to a 30-second break per set after getting permission from the referee. Each team, except singles, has the right to change players twice in a set. The referee of the game gives the players the authority to take a break in the football tennis game in order to remove an obstacle that occurs during the match.