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FUTNET: Football Tennis Field Dimensions

Football Tennis Field Dimensions

It is free to use the whole body except the hand in football tennis, which is played in two teams of three. Futnet, which is extremely popular in our country and other countries, is played with a very hard plastic ball. Foot tennis, which is a combination of gymnastics and football, enjoys a serious popularity in the world. A score is scored when the ball hits the ground on the opponent court. Futnet, which starts with the service of the player in the service room, is played in 3 sets. Having a serious local audience, football tennis is a game with plenty of action. Foot, head, knee and shoulder can be used as desired while playing futnet. Not allowing the ball to bounce on the ground is the main goal of the game. Football tennis includes some areas of football focused tennis and volleyball. No jacket or tennis ball is used. However, those who want to continue their football skills even more if they are played on the football tennis court, show tennis as a different change due to the fact that football is outside of the routine training they are used to.

What are the Dimensions of the Football Tennis Court?

Football tennis is played in singles, doubles and threes in men and women, and the field size is 12.8 in the repeat match. In the doubles match, the playing field is 8.2m. x 18m. While the ball used in the game is the regular soccer ball, the weight of this ball is 396 grams. At the same time, the height of the net for foot tennis is 1.10 meters and the game starts with the service shot.

Futnet Game Start

In futnet, the game starts with the service throw, and the player or team that meets the football tennis service must send the ball to the opponent court by direct kick or by passing the ball that the opponent allows to bounce, or passes to the opponent court. The game of football tennis is played until 11 points are achieved. Otherwise, the game continues until 2 differences are reached and each team gains a 30-second break per set after getting the permission of the referee. The singles team may change players twice in a set, while the referees allow the referee to take a break to remove any obstacles during the match. During the timeout, the players must be in their own half of the court.